Piece for puppets

Time: 1h10

First staging of this text after the creation by Antoine Vitez in 1976 and 1980

  • Text:  Eloi Recoing
  • Staging:  Laurent Bancarel, François Lecour
  • Puppet Design:  Laurent Bancarel
  • Interpreters:  Sara Alexander, Jack Coudert, Laurent Bancarel
  • Music:  Sara Alexander
  • Counselor for sculpture of Punch:  Erik Nussbicker
  • Production:  Théâtre et Figures
  • Coproduction :  Theater of the Digue (Toulouse),  Cultural Action CCAS
  • Corealization :  with the Theater de l’Épée de bois Cartoucherie
  • Thanks:  Anne Deschaintres, Nirupama Nityanandam, Yves Heck, Jacques Glories, Pierre-Alexandre Loy, Jean Marie Eichert et toute l’équipe du théâtre de l’épée de bois.

The show

Without any cheating we ask ourselves, each one shelters an absolute revolt, a transgressor of the established values and the dominant consensus, a joyful nihilist blasting morals, institutions and impostures considered sacrosanct, in other words a PUNCH , An insatiable “puncher” and eager to struggle with the whole earth.


The date of birth of Mister Punch seems precise: on 9 May 1662 in Covent Garden in London. Its name tells us about its origins: Pollichinela or Polichinelle, Punchinella, Punchinello. Around 1688, it became definitely Punch.

He inherited Old Vice, the old hero of the Elizabethan morals and farces that Shakespeare’s theater carries.

The text

Jubilatory text in which the eloquent writing of Eloi Recoing nourishes the exuberant vitality and the vitriolic verve of Mr Punch and his acolytes. It is written in 1976 and directed by Antoine Vitez, the text remains today a living link between one of the European roots of the puppet theater and the contemporary repertoire ….

The set brushes the lively painting of a total revolt against any form of authority (Alain Recoing).