“On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur”.

Antoine Saint Exupéry

Version française de
« Los murmullos del agua »


« Les murmures de l’eau »

Text written from collections of testimonies made in Bogotá in 2016
Co-realization IDARTES Cultural Service of the City of Bogota COLOMBIA
On the theme of peace and reconciliation

Sustained by Iniciativa de mujeres colombianas por la Paz, la Fundacion para la reconciliacion, Estrategia Pais.



Creation 2016 – COLOMBIA

The culture of the bonds and the creation of the group

La Colmena “la ruche”

Theatrical act is inseparable from the need to develop new relationships. Collective creation is a compliment to cultural diversity, it allows the community that receives and enjoys a new breath: a poetic word that invites us to live better together. A theater that lives in a territory, as a source of vitality, creates human and cultural bonds of quality attracting an audience of many horizons.

Parallel to the creation of his show, the collective “La Colmena” works on the theme of peace and reconciliation and proposes a “platform laboratory” for theater, puppets and associated arts. It is open to all audiences, artists and researchers. It offers some possibilities like: – The professional training of the actor puppeteer. – Artistic and cultural actions. – A place of creation (show).


Laurent Bancarel

Direction artistic. Manufacture of puppets. Staging.

The Collective

Ezequiel Gomez: Playwright. Stella Talero: Actress Juan Combariza: Actor Mónica Hernandez: Director Video Art / Video Installation. Jorge Moreno: Scenography / Video Installation Angie Roa: Dressmaker / Puppet Characterization. Jorge Romero: Manufacture of Puppet Corps. Hugo bankel: Project Coordinator


Diana Lucia Castro Benetti, Ángela Cerón, Leonel Narváez Gómez, Jame Ruiz, Camila Luna, Luisa Luna.


Instituto Distrital para las Artes- Idartes : http://www.idartes.gov.co Teatro del Parque.


Support and collaborations testimonials : Corporación Alianza Iniciativa de las Mujeres Colombianas por la Paz-IMP. www.mujeresporlapaz.org Fundación para la Reconciliación http://www.fundacionparalareconciliacion.org Universidad de los Andes. Alianza Francesa: http://www.alianzafrancesa.org.co



  • Los murmullos del agua (10 min)

  • Trailer los murmullos del agua (2mn14)


Download the document of the show: Los Murmullos del agua (pdf 4,8 Mo)