affiche_soldat_josephFrom « Histoire du soldat » by Charles Ferdinand RAMUZ

Staging: Laurent Bancarel

On a music of Julien Barbagallo and Benjamin Glibert from the group, “un de mes signes distinctifs” and the group “Hyperclean” (Printemps de Bourges 2004). A contemporary musical universe
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Creation : 2006

Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878/1947)

Born in Lausanne in a middle-class family in 1878. After studying in Paris he published poetry collections from 1900. In 1915, friendly relationship with Igor Stravinsky. Creation of the “History of the Soldier” on 28 September 1918 in Lausanne.


Distribution and partnairs

  • Staging: Laurent Bancarel
  • Staging assistant, Coaching Manipulation, accessory: Blaise Recoing
  • Music on stage Composition and arrangements: Battery, voice Julien Barbagallo
  • Compositionand arrangements, Guitare, basse : Benjamin Glibert
  • Work of voice and singing: Anne Claude Gérard
  • Manipulation and Play: Laurent Bancarel
  • Lighting and régie plateau : Jérôme Guillox
  • Puppet design: Laurent Bancarel
  • Realization video : Photographie montage (video) : Mélusine Thiry Michel Cazayous
  • Administration : Joëlle Petitjean
  • Graphism : Pierre Alexandre Loy
  • Photography: Thierry Coursault
  • Webmaster : Pierre Alexandre Loy
  • Production : Compagnie Théâtre et Figures
  • Coproduction: CCAS DRO Sud Ouest (Bègles) CCAS réseau National (Montreuil) La Gespe (Ville de Tarbes)
  • Corealization: Festival Marionnettissimo, Ville de Tarbes, Ville de Lannemezan
  • Subsidies: DRAC Midi Pyrénées. Conseil Général des Hautes Pyrénées

Marionette in Metamorphoses

The narrative is organized from the metamorphoses of Joseph. First he and one, he performs a series of metamorphoses after his encounter with the devil (manipulator), he becomes multiple. The puppeteer through a scenographic route designed to highlight manipulation and puppetry tell the metamorphoses of the Soldier.


The Evil (manipulator), the soldier Joseph (puppet), The reader (musicians)

The soldier, an adversary of himself

Soul, lover, love Violin, musician, music Music, music, music! Ramuz superimposes the metaphors between violin without strings and food without appetite to better highlight the duality of Joseph. He is always and always in search. Slave as Sisyphus of a shaken conscience, he suffers the consequences. The mirror of the soldier is broken, the music he no longer hears, his own image becomes his main opponent. The devil tempter is also the executioner, a synthesis of the forces that disintegrate the simple and pure personality of Joseph.

Joseph, the Faustian Man and the World

” The desert eliminates the Faustian man. He obliges us to throw away the hardware of thought. Theodore Monod. The desert is satisfied only with the essential, the whole man. Aided by the reader … Joseph recovers his violin, in a moment of lucidity, getting rid of the superfluous. Is not the world generated by this Faustian man in his image? Superficial and fooled by his own idols, a slave of a fragile conscience.


Download the show file SOLDAT-JOSEPH (PDF – 13,8 Mo)